Bodrum – Datca – Göcek



Day 1 – Bodrum

Start your Turkish gulet cruise holiday in Bodrum harbour in the afternoon and meet your captain and crew. You can spend the first night on board in Bodrum harbour or a bay close by.

KnidosDay 2 – Bodrum – Knidos

Cosmopolitan Bodrum, with its variety of delightful restaurants, popular night clubs, upmarket boutiques and international marinas attracts many visitors. In the morning, you could choose to visit the historical side of this resort. The 15th century Crusader castle, containing the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology, exhibits ancient shipwrecks raised off the coast of Turkey, and a preserved Carian princess’ tomb dating to the time of Alexander the Great. The remains of the Mausoleum of Halicarnassos, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World is located nearby.

Depart Bodrum, sailing across the Gulf of Gokova to the site of Knidos, situated at the tip of the Datca peninsula. This is the border between Mediterranean and Aegean seas, where the two waters mix. Tour the excavations of Knidos a large, ancient city famous in antiquity for the cult of Aphrodite, which originated here. The city was built on terraces rising to the acropolis, with a theatre overlooking one of the 2 harbours, temples, one dedicated to Aphrodite, a basilica and also remains of Greek and Roman houses can be seen.
Continue your Turkish gulet cruise holiday and in the evening moor near the idyllic Bay of Mesudiye. Should you wish to dine on land, there is an excellent restaurant here called Ortam, serving specialties like traditional hot bread from their stone oven and delicious stuffed calamari and octopus marinated in red wine and grilled to perfection.

Day 3 – Datca – Bencik Bay – Selimiye

Set sail to the picturesque resort of Datça first thing, a must visit town on any Turkish gulet charter. Enjoy a saunter through the town, with its shops and cafés. The old town of Datca provides an insight into the life of rural Turkey of years long since gone. Village life is still based on agriculture, fishing, and the building of the traditional wooden holiday gulet.
Your gulet cruise holiday continues through crystal clear blue seas surrounded by pine clad mountains, to the Bozburun peninsula, with its many coves and bays, and into the Gulf of Hisaronu. Stretching for 30 nautical miles into the Aegean Sea between the Greek Islands of Kos and Rhodes, this gulf offers a sailing paradise with late morning winds and deep blue seas with secluded coves, rugged mountains as a backdrop, and small tranquil villages.
Bencik Bay resembles a miniature fjord and is situated at the narrowest part of the peninsula that divides the Gulfs of Hisaronu and Gokova. The inlet extends inland about 1.5 nautical miles and has steep tree lined slopes on either side.
Sail to the quiet Orhaniye Bay. Behind the village of Orhaniye there is an ancient acropolis, crowned by the ruins of a medieval castle. Walk along the sand bank which stretches out from the beach into the sea, known as ‘kizkumu’ (girl’s sand), owing to numerous myths about this reddish sandy way.
Later your Turkish gulet cruise will sail into the wide Bay of Selimiye, one of the natural harbours in the Gulf of Hisarönü. Surrounded by magnificent scenery and largely unspoilt, Selimiye village appears to be frozen in time, an unhurried laidback place.
There is a restaurant called Sardunya, serving delicious meals using organic vegetables and herbs.

Day 4 – Bozburun – Bozukkale

Enjoy a walk around the village before cruising onto Bozburun, a quiet fishing village. It was at one time the centre of sponge diving along the Turkish coast, but nowadays locals here earn their living by building the typical broad-beamed wooden boats for gulet holidays.
Journey onto the Bay of Bozukkale, which means ‘broken castle’ as one side of the castle is missing. The entrance to the bay is guarded by an antique citadel 350 meters long and 30 metres wide, known in ancient times as the city of Loryma, Afterwards your gulet charter will sail on to the Bay of Serce, a beautiful natural setting enhanced by Byzantine ruins.

Day 5 – Ekincik – Dalyan

Your Turkish gulet holiday continues with a visit to the remote Bay of Ekincik and a chance to visit Dalyan, a fishing village located on the Calbis River.
Here, you can opt to take a trip by small boat along the river, past the ancient city of Kaunos and the awe-inspiring rock tombs cut high in the cliff. The original occupants of the tombs are unknown but are assumed to have been Caunian noblemen and rulers, the largest tomb is unfinished. The Dalyan Delta, a designated wildlife sanctuary since the mid 1980’s is home to all manner of flora and fauna. The long sandy Iztuzu beach is one of the last remaining natural nesting sites for Loggerhead sea turtles.

Day 6 – Aga Limani

After an early morning gulet cruise, reach the Bay of Aga Limani, site of ancient Lydae. A 30 minute uphill hike will reward you with a spectacular view and the Byzantine ruins of Lydae, with remains of tombs, a basilica, protective walls, cisterns, Corinthian column parts, and inscribed pedestals from the Roman and Byzantine periods.
There’s also a chance to see Cleopatra Bay is a large bay surrounded by pine clad hills and known for its ruins in the sea. According to the myth, during one of Cleopatra’s visits she requested for a Roman Bath to be built. The water, rich in elements and minerals, was very good for the skin and contributed to her beauty.

Day 7 – 12 islands of Gocek

Today explore the bays and beautiful 12 Islands of Gocek, renowned for their crystal clear turquoise seas and surrounding pine clad mountains. The largest island is called ‘Tersane’, used as a dockyard for ships during the Ottoman period. The remains of houses and a shipyard can still be seen on the island.
There’s many bays to choose from, including Gobun bay, a sheltered bay with crystal clear waters and Sarsala bay, with its pine-surrounded hills and long beach which make it perfect for swimming and kayaking.
Gocek’s most famous bay is Bedri Rahmi (Taskaya) Bay. It is named after the poet Bedri Rahmi Eyupoglu who is considered one of the first blue voyagers He famously painted a fish on a rock behind a fountain in 1973. A hidden Lycian rock tomb can be found behind the rock.
The last night of your gulet holiday can either be spent moored in a picturesque bay or in the charming and natural harbour of Gocek. Gocek, nestling at the foot of pine clad mountains, is a small town with a mix of elegant sophistication and simplicity, that has a delightful selection of shops, bars and restaurants.

Day 8 – Gocek

After enjoying your final boat breakfast, you’ll disembark by 10am with an air of relaxation and head full of memories. The perfect end to your Turkish gulet cruise holiday.

Please note: In the case of bad weather or sea conditions, for the safety and comfort of guests, Gulet Escapes reserves the right to change routes entirely or partially.

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