What is a boat holiday like?
Are boat holidays safe?
Do I need to know how to sail?
What happens in case of an emergency on board such as an injury or ilness?
Is my money safe?
Do I need to get insurance?
Do I need a visa for my holiday?
Aren’t boat holidays expensive?
How do the payments work?
Do you arrange flights?
Do you arrange airport transfers?
What does the price include / exclude?
Where are you based?
Isn’t it boring to be trapped on a boat for a week?
Can I bring my child on board?
Can a disabled person do this kind of holiday?
Are Gulets suitable for elderly passengers?
I want to stay in a hotel/villa as well as the boat trip? Do you arrange this too?
I want to see some other parts of Turkey such as Cappadocia? Can I combine a boat holiday with such a trip?
What should I pack?
Can I bring my pet?
About the Boats
What is a gulet?
Are cabins big?
Do the cabins have air conditioning?
Are cabins comfortable?
Are there any crew on board? How many?
What’s the difference between the classes of gulets?
Does my phone/tablet work while we are on sea? Do the boats have internet?
Will I experience sea-sickness?
About the Routes
Where do the boats go?
Will I not step on land for the duration of the holiday?
Can we plan our own route?
Can I embark and disembark in different locations?
About Food & Drink
What do you eat and drink on board? Can we bring our own food?
Can you cater for special diets?
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