Göcek – Kekova – Göcek

ÖlüdenizThis route encompasses some of the most stunning sights of the Turkish Riviera: Göcek’s famous coves, Butterfly Valley, Kaputaş Beach, Kekova, the list goes on. Not only do you get to see all these beautiful spots, but your boat will literally drop you off at them as you jump from the gangway into the clear blue sea. What are you waiting for?

Day 1 – Göcek

Start your voyage from one of the most popular harbours for blue cruise lovers. Göcek is where the Taurus mountain range meets the Mediterranean and is suitably breath-taking. Before setting sail, take the opportunity to enjoy this chilled out town nestled among green hills.

KaşDay 2 – Butterfly Valley – Ölüdeniz – Gemiler Island

Butterfly Valley is simply breath-taking. Sapphire waters are sheltered by steep valleys as if they are trying to protect this beauty from the outside world. Drop anchor and plunge into the pristine seas. Your boat then sets sail to Ölüdeniz where you can swim or kayak around the peaceful lagoon. Afterwards, you’ll head to Gemiler Island, a beautiful spot famed for churches built between the fourth and sixth centuries. It’s also known as St Nicholas Island because of the belief that it was the location of the original tomb of St Nicholas (that’s Father Christmas to you and me!)

Day 3 – Kalkan – Kaş

According to the Sunday Times, Kalkan attracts the kind of visitor who would also enjoy Tuscany or the Dördöğne while the Guardian likens the town to “the Italian Riviera minus the poseurs.” After visiting this hot spot, your boat will take you to Kaş, where you can enjoy the charming lanes and Bougainvillea covered buildings.

The Bay and Castle in Kekova, TurkeyDay 4 – Kekova – Üçağız Cove

Kekova is the base for exploring Üçağız Cove, home to one of the most intriguing of ancient sites. Due to an earthquake, the ancient city of Apollonia (Dolchiste) is now 2 metres under water so this is a great spot for diving holidays. Explore Turkey’s famous sunken city as well as some stunning, partially submerged Lycian tombs. And, as if that wasn’t enough, Üçağız Cove is also prime turtle spotting territory.

Lycian Sunken City, TurkeyDay 5 – Demre (Myra) – Gökkaya

Demre, the ancient city of Myra, is the home of St Nicholas (yes, Santa Claus is Turkish) and was one of the most important cities of ancient Lycia. Explore the Byzantine St Nicholas of Myra church or the rock tombs further inland. Afterwards, you’ll head to the quiet and stunning Gökkaya cove.

Day 6 – Kaputaş Beach – Yeşilköy

Kaputaş Beach is the place you’ll see on most Visit Turkey adverts: sapphire sea, white sand and dramatic cliffs, it’s reminiscent of the pristine beach of the Maldives. After a dip in the turquoise waters, your next stop is the beautiful and peaceful Yeşilköy.

Yassica IslandsDay 7 – Göcek Bay (Monastery Cove (Manastir Cove) – Bedri Rahmi Cove – Yassica Islands)

Göcek Bay is home to a host of stunning coves. First stop is Monastery Cove, a splendid area for a swim surrounded by green forests. It also holds the sunken remains of a hamam so be sure to grab your snorkel. Next, your boat heads to Rahmi Cove, named for the Turkish poet who loved visiting the area. And finally to the breath-taking Yassica Islands, a small group of uninhabited islets full of turquoise coves.

Day 8 – Göcek

After enjoying a leisurely breakfast, you’ll disembark at 10am with an air relaxation and head full of memories. A perfect end to a perfect Turkey gulet cruise.

Please note: In the case of bad weather or sea conditions, for the safety and comfort of guests, Gulet Escapes reserves the right to change routes entirely or partially.

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