datca-street view

The Datça peninsula is like a pure green spindly finger creating a natural division between the Aegean and Mediterranean seas. The crystal clear aquamarine waters in the numerous bays and coves, together with deserted beaches make it an idyllic destination on your Turkish gulet cruise. An oasis of unspoilt tranquillity, the air scented with thyme, sage and rosemary, with a backdrop of craggy pine forested hills. Datça town itself, situated on the southern shore has a natural harbour and a promenade with restaurants and bars dotted along. A little further out of the town is the old Datça, Eski Datça, worth a visit to see the restored old stone houses and the little cafes and artisan shops set in a patchwork of cobbold lanes with colourful bourganvillea tumbling down the garden and house walls. Datça is famous in Turkey for the three ‘B’s, badem (almonds), bal (honey) and balık (fish), so why not try one or all of these during your gulet holiday to this beautiful part of Turkey?

Not too far from Datca, sits on a beautiful bay the ancient site of Knidos. The exceptional sea facing theatre from the Hellenistic period is quite breathtaking, as was once the rest of this marble city with terraces descending right down to the sea. More often that not, it is quite deserted and has an ethereal quality. Sit in the now silent theatre and imagine the city once filled with up to 70,000 people.


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