Best Restaurants in Kalkan

Kalamaki Restaurant Kalkan


Kalkan is a top holiday spot with some top restaurants to match.  Here’s a selection of our favourites – although the list could have been longer…


Fine Dining (and good views)


Beautifully presented Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine, this is a restaurant with great views from the roof terrace.  Don’t leave Kalkan without trying one of their exquisite desserts.

Turkish Grill

Hunkar Ocakbasi

A traditional turkish grill which serves a range of kebab dishes (and in Turkey that doesn’t mean greasy lamb doner!)  They also serve great lahmacun, pide (Turkish pizza) and casseroles.  

Small House KalkanTurkish Budget

Small House

Set in a charming and unique small house (it’s not just a clever name), you can pick up great meze and Turkish dishes.  Again living up to it’s name it’s only got a small number of tables so make sure you try to book before going.


Foto’s Pizza

Great for a quick bite, Foto’s serves Italian style pizza with a thin crispy base and delicious toppings.  It also has the added advantage of great views from the terrace and cheap beer!  

Blue Marlin Restaurant KalkanFish and Meze

Blue Marlin

The Turkish meyhane is a great thing to try while on your Turkish holiday.  Graze over a range of hot and cold meze dishes before ordering up some fresh fish. Accompany with some fresh bread and a generous drink or two and you’ve got yourself a classic Turkish night out.

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